Friday, December 31, 2010


A litte update from my holiday break (which is almost over ): ) I ended up getting money from my brother for a new TV along with his old 27 in. that actually is pretty nice. But my issue now is should I just keep this TV I mean the picture is gorgeous and looks great with the HDMI cord with ps3 games so there's nothing wrong with it. I was looking at a TV at best buy for about 250 it's on sale but I don't see how it will be any better aside from it being a bit bigger, I'm thinking I'd rather save up for the droid 2 since verizon is taking forever with the iPhone. Also I got a 10 dollar gift card to target which works out well because I've needed a new pair of headphones for a while so there's what I can spend that on =p. Basically Christmas went great hoping the same tonight for New Years, still figuring out what exactly I want to do. Anyway, Probably will do another post really quick before I go figure my day out. Also I want to thank Brynn Zuccaro for the $100 for advertising this should help me get the blog out there a bit!

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