Monday, December 13, 2010


So in my last post I mentioned a part 2 kinda thing well here it is. Recently I've been thinking a lot about the past mainly my childhood and how it feels as though things changed extremely fast. I can remember the days back when I was satisfied turning on the tv every Saturday to watch cartoons, than maybe going outside and playing basket ball or baseball not even like serious games just shooting around and hitting the ball. And Christmas time, I don't like to brag but I could make one hell of a list my mom never had to ask me twice. Just when I look back on it life just seemed a lot better back than, and it wasn't the fact that because I was younger I had less responsibilities (as far as work or school) it's just I feel that was the happiest time in my life because I was honestly care free. The thing is I feel we all grow out of happiness slowly but surely, because we all get caught up in so many other things and grow up so fast (at least some of us). I think around 6th grade up my Christmas list got harder to figure what I wanted, this year my brother was actually BOTHERING me for what i wanted and I honestly had no clue. The problem with that is I've grown and as I grew I want more costly things but I don't want to ask for them seems selfish because for some reason I'm not satisfied with simple presents like a few games or something like that. I just honestly wish things could go back to how they used to be. The biggest change I've had is probably since I'm the oldest of the kids in the house my mom wants me to basically act as the parent. "stop them they're fighting" , "tell them to stop it" , "they aren't listening tell them to listen to me" , I mean I'm not trying to come off as a whiner but I don't feel that's my job but this is one of the biggest reasons I've grown up so fast and find it so hard for me to be happy. I was one of the kids who at a young age had to be the man of the house and it sucks there's a lot more to the story but this isn't all about me, this is about the the past in general. The bottom line is I think times have changed, even the tv shows kids watch have changed, the music on the radio has changed, the way people treat each other...okay maybe that hasn't changed too much but you get the point. What's going on with the world? I LOVE rap but back when I listened to the radio it was all kind of "poppy" feel good music, now it's all about struggle and all gangster rap, why? Is the music changing for the times? If so than what is it that EVERYONE in the world is struggling over? I guess the question is how was your childhood years? When did you start to notice the change in your surroundings? Drop a comment or just think about it.
P.S. Sorry about it being so long there's just A LOT you can talk about on this subject, I could've went on for days.

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