Monday, December 13, 2010

One last thing

I've looked through my time line and I noticed A LOT of people I follow have not been posting. If you use this blog drop a comment and let me know to check your blog out or if you come across my blog and you follow it yet for some odd reason I'm not following you let mek know. It just seems like theres only one or two people that actually blog on here often. Don't forget to check out the other two posts I think it's about time i stop posting three in one day seems like spamming...but yeah check out the posts, drop a comment so I can keep up with all of your blogs, and don't forget to charge your cell phone because it just loves to die mid text message, yay!


  1. I'm around just busy right now lol.

  2. Yeah dude, it's probably because it's finals time. XD

  3. @Willow , yeah I checked yours out earlier today you're probably the most active out of my list =p
    @Major , I have to start looking out for your stuff I honestly don't think I've been to your blog in a while =X
    @piss me off , ORRR because some people are playing too much black ops? haha

  4. Check out my website, maybe you'll like it, really helps you keep up with phones and technology

  5. new active follower here, have three blogs you can follow, all updated at least once a day.

    i noticed the same thing,m and tried to encourage more posting, turns out school is a big one for people.

    also, maybe you want to turn off spam filtering for comments? ive only found 2 spammers so far on here, one was banned i think. GOOD RIDDANCE SUGAR!!!