Monday, December 13, 2010

It's that time again

Ahhh the holidays, a time to remember the past events(after that comment...I definitely have to make a a second blog about the past...yeah....) but also what most EVERYBODY knows this time of year for would have to be THE PRESENTS (no not the present as in time because who cares for the fun debt we're in lets just think about buying shhtuff, yay for stuff !). But the time is coming up where everyone has to decide what exactly they want Santa to give them for Christmas, and whatever magic gives you Hanuka presents for those of you who are Jewish and...all the other holidays I can't remember because I'm drawing a blank so glad I didn't decide to vlog this would be that awkward part. But my question to you all is what is it you all would like for the holidays? Any events you do every year with the family, or friends? And any memories that just stick out to you from Christmas past? (We'll get into childhood past in my next post. 2 POSTS IN ONE DAY WHATS THE FAPS WITH THAT?!) So yeah, drop a comment below but even for those of you who don't comment just think about it while this journey to the holidays just to kinda keep you in the spirit.

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