Friday, December 31, 2010

To everyone and their loved ones


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December 31, 2010

So I go to to look at whats going on in the new to see a artical mentioning "Where the stars will be ringing in 2011" which has me wondering, why is it we care? It seems like we worry more about the lives of most celebs over the lives of people around us, I'm sure you have a friend that can remember their favorite artists next concert but probably will forget your birthday is the same day. It just seems like we love being involved in lives we aren't a part of which is odd to me, what joy do we get from knowing that "Rihanna will host a New Year's Eve party at Las Vegas's Pure Nightclub". It just seems that we need to get back in touch with reality and understand that we shouldn't be so focused on other peoples lives and figure how to better our own. Discuss


A litte update from my holiday break (which is almost over ): ) I ended up getting money from my brother for a new TV along with his old 27 in. that actually is pretty nice. But my issue now is should I just keep this TV I mean the picture is gorgeous and looks great with the HDMI cord with ps3 games so there's nothing wrong with it. I was looking at a TV at best buy for about 250 it's on sale but I don't see how it will be any better aside from it being a bit bigger, I'm thinking I'd rather save up for the droid 2 since verizon is taking forever with the iPhone. Also I got a 10 dollar gift card to target which works out well because I've needed a new pair of headphones for a while so there's what I can spend that on =p. Basically Christmas went great hoping the same tonight for New Years, still figuring out what exactly I want to do. Anyway, Probably will do another post really quick before I go figure my day out. Also I want to thank Brynn Zuccaro for the $100 for advertising this should help me get the blog out there a bit!

Friday, December 24, 2010

To Everyone


Sunday, December 19, 2010


So suprisingly I finally exploded with things I'd like for christmas and I think I made a decent list. The biggest thing I'm excited about which kind of made me feel like a kid again is when I asked for minecraft. For those of you who don't know about the game it's very basic when it comes to graphics but the game play looks extreamly addicting. The reason it made me feel young is the fact that I'm excited for a game that isn't that expensive because I thought for me to be excited I'd have to ask for like a TV or something like that but just the fact that I've wanted this for a while I'm looking forward to it so much more. Good thing I'm getting it during break I'm sure it will be taking up A LOT of my time =p Also I asked to get a new phone since my contract has been up a few months and I finally decided on getting the droid (since I have verizon there's no iPhone for me at the moment :[ ). But I've heard mixed reviews but all that matters is it seems like a good phone for blogger because of it's app and I've been messing with my friend's droid and I'm getting a feel for it so I'll be blogging more often in no time! I'm pretty sure I'm going to keep going with the whole ask a question at the end of the blog thing soo the question this post is, what is something that may not be of much value to others but you find very meaningful, and why? Drop a comment below.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

In Pain

So it's 8:50 and recently I've been going to bed earlier (around this time) and usually I feel fine but today I have the worst headache ever! My mom said it's from my body not being used to the sleep habits, but they're good habits like I'm getting MORE sleep than before. And the only thing I can think of that makes sense for this headache is...the pain in the ass teachers at my school. I swear a day doesn't go by that they don't irritate me *Sigh* I can't wait to be done with school.

Monday, December 13, 2010

One last thing

I've looked through my time line and I noticed A LOT of people I follow have not been posting. If you use this blog drop a comment and let me know to check your blog out or if you come across my blog and you follow it yet for some odd reason I'm not following you let mek know. It just seems like theres only one or two people that actually blog on here often. Don't forget to check out the other two posts I think it's about time i stop posting three in one day seems like spamming...but yeah check out the posts, drop a comment so I can keep up with all of your blogs, and don't forget to charge your cell phone because it just loves to die mid text message, yay!


So in my last post I mentioned a part 2 kinda thing well here it is. Recently I've been thinking a lot about the past mainly my childhood and how it feels as though things changed extremely fast. I can remember the days back when I was satisfied turning on the tv every Saturday to watch cartoons, than maybe going outside and playing basket ball or baseball not even like serious games just shooting around and hitting the ball. And Christmas time, I don't like to brag but I could make one hell of a list my mom never had to ask me twice. Just when I look back on it life just seemed a lot better back than, and it wasn't the fact that because I was younger I had less responsibilities (as far as work or school) it's just I feel that was the happiest time in my life because I was honestly care free. The thing is I feel we all grow out of happiness slowly but surely, because we all get caught up in so many other things and grow up so fast (at least some of us). I think around 6th grade up my Christmas list got harder to figure what I wanted, this year my brother was actually BOTHERING me for what i wanted and I honestly had no clue. The problem with that is I've grown and as I grew I want more costly things but I don't want to ask for them seems selfish because for some reason I'm not satisfied with simple presents like a few games or something like that. I just honestly wish things could go back to how they used to be. The biggest change I've had is probably since I'm the oldest of the kids in the house my mom wants me to basically act as the parent. "stop them they're fighting" , "tell them to stop it" , "they aren't listening tell them to listen to me" , I mean I'm not trying to come off as a whiner but I don't feel that's my job but this is one of the biggest reasons I've grown up so fast and find it so hard for me to be happy. I was one of the kids who at a young age had to be the man of the house and it sucks there's a lot more to the story but this isn't all about me, this is about the the past in general. The bottom line is I think times have changed, even the tv shows kids watch have changed, the music on the radio has changed, the way people treat each other...okay maybe that hasn't changed too much but you get the point. What's going on with the world? I LOVE rap but back when I listened to the radio it was all kind of "poppy" feel good music, now it's all about struggle and all gangster rap, why? Is the music changing for the times? If so than what is it that EVERYONE in the world is struggling over? I guess the question is how was your childhood years? When did you start to notice the change in your surroundings? Drop a comment or just think about it.
P.S. Sorry about it being so long there's just A LOT you can talk about on this subject, I could've went on for days.

It's that time again

Ahhh the holidays, a time to remember the past events(after that comment...I definitely have to make a a second blog about the past...yeah....) but also what most EVERYBODY knows this time of year for would have to be THE PRESENTS (no not the present as in time because who cares for the fun debt we're in lets just think about buying shhtuff, yay for stuff !). But the time is coming up where everyone has to decide what exactly they want Santa to give them for Christmas, and whatever magic gives you Hanuka presents for those of you who are Jewish and...all the other holidays I can't remember because I'm drawing a blank so glad I didn't decide to vlog this would be that awkward part. But my question to you all is what is it you all would like for the holidays? Any events you do every year with the family, or friends? And any memories that just stick out to you from Christmas past? (We'll get into childhood past in my next post. 2 POSTS IN ONE DAY WHATS THE FAPS WITH THAT?!) So yeah, drop a comment below but even for those of you who don't comment just think about it while this journey to the holidays just to kinda keep you in the spirit.

Thursday, December 2, 2010


So it's 4:20am and i have to wake up for school in about 2 hours and I can't fall asleep at all. I hate how when I do attempt to fall asleep early (say around 8 or 9) I wake up at about 3 and can't sleep the rest of the night. What really messed with me was the thanksgiving break we had, I would be up until at least 6am most nights because I knew I wouldn't have to wake up early the next day but now I can't get myself on a schedule not that I ever had one but it wouldn't hurt to try, right? All I know is going to school tomorrow to deal with a stupid history teacher that wants me to take a test on a unit that I missed a majority of is going to suck. Also to have a math class I've missed a lot of the year as well, I have A LOT of catching up to do. Wish me luck!