Monday, October 4, 2010


Well guys I was on my way out the door when I came across this video. To sum it up if you can't make it through the whole video its basically this girl who thinks highly enough of herself that she can point out all the flaws in other people in a video on youtube. Thankfully people are understanding this is just garbage and disliking it. If you don't like this video...just check the highest rated comment on there sure it'll help you express yourself ;). Anyway just thought I should share this with you all, drop a comment on what you feel about this. Might count this as my blog for the day...not sure yet..also let me know if i should do another one, if you think I should, what would you like it to be about?



  1. I wouldnt take the vid too seriously hehe

  2. This girl is dumb.

  3. @Jehabbi, yeah seems like a troll now that I'm looking back at it, she got me if that's the case =X
    @Catz, you have my permission :D
    @Tommy, Thank you ! I like yours too I actually checked it out not too long ago (:
    @Dasher, Rightt?

  4. OMG I just want to beat her with a baseball bat covered in nails....

  5. That girl is just so dumb, its funny!
    Not encouraging her though, she should really just have her lips sewed together.

  6. This girl is so stupid, but extremely sexy, I don't know which side of her I'm on

  7. @Willow, what a classic weapon =p
    @Seto, yeah she's shallow to an extream, yikes.
    @Spencer, hmmm the back side ? ;) lolzz