Monday, October 11, 2010

I lied =/

Again cought up in shhhhtuff =/ my brother's bday party was yesterday soo basically spent the day with the family and had no time to come back and post sorry again ! haha but this time I figured while I'm here saying sorry why not post so I give you all something instead of a promise I might not keep ehh ? So...(Watches video on basically in a 60 minute interview eminem explains he is not a homophobe and use of gay slurs is just natural due to the surroundings he was in growing up. I see this as understanding, think about it. I'm still in high school so I see senseless arguments everyday and I can't tell you how many times I've heard someone call a kid a faggot it's just the fact of in this day and age a lot of words that were extremely offensive before are just common phrases being thrown around. To a certain extent this is wrong and should be a little more controlled but at the point it's at right now people have to be a little less sensitive and think that maybe certain words just lose the sting they had after being so over used and if you don't feel that way than odds are you're just looking for somthing to complain about. That is just my opinion maybe those words offend gays because it is a slur so maybe there is some room to get offended but like i said if they keep using the same word it loses it's strength unless you don't allow it to happen. Leave your thoughts in a comment below. And again sorry for being so behinde.


  1. Family is more important then your blog, when you get to it you'll get to it!.

  2. Thank you for being understanding bro

  3. haha its alright man dont even worry bout it