Friday, October 15, 2010

Just thinking out loud

I was just thinking about all the people who I used to consider close friends or even friends in general and it's funny how throughout time you can really lose a lot of people in your life and not even notice it until you sit down and reflect back on your past. I always had tons of friends but as I grew older I started to keep my distance from some of them because I saw that they didn't act how a friend should act or they were just too immature and caught up in getting in trouble. I started to believe since I've always had drama in school maybe it was the fact of how many people I was friends with, since this could bring me into drama that isn't mine. I found that it's true that certain people will get you in bad situations and staying more to yourself will keep you out of trouble but at the end of the day you have to wonder, would you rather have a lot of people who could possibly care for you? Or a select few who you're sure are true friends? Just thinking out loud, drop a comment.


  1. i wanna start over and be anonymous againnn bleh

  2. I remember all the people I used to be close with in school....haven't talked to any of them since.

  3. @catz, ahaa at school I keep to myself, its funny because I'm so used to hanging around a lot of people but now I only chill with a few people. But I've been out of trouble which is a huge suprise.
    @Willow, Yeah I'm pretty sure i'm going to be in that same position when i get out of school. =X I'm sure a lot of people are though