Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Wednseday, September 8th, 2010

So starting off this blog a bit personal today was my first day of my 11th grade year. It's usually fun going to classes and finding out what people you have in them but this year has to be the worst. Only my first period class do I have anyone I care to talk to every other class so far I feel like I did somthing wrong last year and now I'm feeling the punishment by being in classes with extreamly lame people. On the brightside I have basically the same homeroom as last year which is full of fun people so i have two periods to look forward to...yayy? anyway lets look for some news to talk about.
(Searches the interwebs)
Okay so Snooki from Jersey Shore is serving two days community service for, disorderly conduct and creating a public nuisance. Now the report claims that this is an act that makes it seem as if snooki is a "wanna be" Lindsay Lohan. In Snooki's defense, who the hell would want to be Lindsay Lohan? I see this becoming a very over used term in Hollywood because, people in Hollywood are a**holes as if that's somthing new. But in all honesty the news will really do anything to attack someones charactor in this case well they were lucky enough to kill two birds with one stone. On the subject of Jersey Shore though, who do you think will win the fight thursday, Sammie or Jwow? I personally could care less it's going to be funny reguardless for the simple fact of, "b*tches be crazy".  But yeah, any thoughts or other news to talk about drop a comment.


  1. its only the first day.
    who knows, maybe youll find some intresting peope in there. dont be so uptight.
    was the second day good atleast?

  2. Well the 2nd day (Today) was meh, kinda decent. I have my amazingly boring study hall 2morro tho isn't that somthing to look forward to. :]

  3. just get through high school, make a ton of money, and bitches will be on you like trailer trash on welfare :P

  4. LMFAOOOO ! That's great ! *Thumbs Up*