Sunday, February 26, 2012

Why hello there !, YOU ! Long time no see ! How've you been ? Well I'm just grand thank you for asking. Okay enough of the small talk what's up everyone ? Yes I am back and most likely for good this time considering I think I figured out my issue (fingers crossed). A lot has happened in the time I've been gone but not to worry considering I can now blog from my phone I'm sure that updates will not be tough to post. So recently the faps with me would be that I have made a youtube channel now which I plan on getting back into working on that (I have 2,000 total views at the moment from 2 months of working on it not too shabby) which in that I have been just focusing on gameplay and commentary but I've been forced to vlog due to my lack of resources. But how I see it is I can possibly link my blog and youtube together and maybe make it easier so if you don't like reading you can watch a video, if you don't wanna stare at my ugly mug you can simply read what I have to say. But I'm getting ahead of myself now because as of right now I'm just going to focus on figuring out the two situations and seeing if I can get it to the point I would like them to be at, wish me luck!

This has just been a kind of hi hello post but I'm going to post another to talk about my exciting day, oh the joy...

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