Sunday, February 26, 2012

This is why I'm NEVER in the kitchen

So today me and my brothers had a dinner party to go to and for this party we were making a dip to bring and share which you can guess is really not that hard I's a dip...So we started throwing it all together and we were about finished when I got to a pack of cheese, this is when the fun started. It was one of those "tear here" kind of packs and I was tearing exactly where they wanted me to but I got nothing and was getting frustrated. So I decided to grab a knife and just slit it open, nothing serious all I needed was something small to get the ball rolling. So I picked up the knife and after I put pushed it into the package I realized "well I don't think you should have the blade facing you" and the fact that it was a bad idea really sunk in AFTER the blade cut me. Now I've gotten cuts before so I figured, hey a little water a band aid what more do you need? Wasn't a dirty knife so I didn't really have to clean it up too much. Then I turned on the water in the bathroom to let my thumb run under it figuring a couple seconds should do. To my surprise the bleeding did not stop even after a couple minutes which had me a bit freaked out. I went downstairs told my brother and he decided to run it under water to get an idea of how bad the cut was. To speed things up I really don't like blood and that with a mixture of the blood I lost ended up making me pass out and to sum it all up I got stitches for the FIRST time ! Not really excited about it but hey gotta find a bright side. So as of now it's stitched, my thumb is wrapped, and I am making sammiches very strange. Moral of the story, doing things out of frustration, not the best idea.

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